I bought my Work Force 7520 last June, and yesterday I finally had to replace the ink carts (I use the extra high capacity carts). If I factor duplexing, average page coverage, letter and wide format sheet sizes, periods during which I don't print anything… It averages out to roughly an eyelash over 7 pages/day, or 1500 pages total to date. That's not huge, but it's far more than typical household or even small office use. And it's 150% of what Epson states as average yield for these particular ink carts.

Have never once had a clogged print head or any problematic output, and I only ran the utility to clean and align yesterday because I replaced all four carts at once. Plus, unlike the various HPs I've had over the past 5 or 6 years, the Epson has never once dropped the network or AirPrint connections.

If you're looking for a bullet-proof wide format MFC with very fast, vibrant business output (not a photo printer, through), this puppy is IT! cool