Only about 35% of the global population have broadband connectivity and even those who have it, may have to pay horrific bills for data usage. iTunes works just fine between my iOS7 on iPhone 5 and ML latest updates. It is when I need to sync my NOTES that I am forced through the cloud and that irks me. Internet World Stats

A Mac user from USA said he/she could not understand this predicament and I ended up saying "there is a whole world outside the US, a life beyond New York." Systems developers seem to believe that just about everybody have broadband. That is a very wrong perception as the actual figure is well below 35%.

Is there a workaround or an app that does NOTES via wireless direct or USB?

My Macbook Pro tells me that, as far as Bluetooth is concerned, my iPhone 5 is an "unsupported device."

This new and unexpected frustration with Apple is something that irks others, not just me.

Is there a cure for this?

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