I decided to start another thread as the other one became one of personal attacks.
This is about TV shows.

I recall an incident years ago on a locally produced fishing show that run on KOAM yv for a few years in the early '60's. "Gone fishing" with Harold Ensley. It aired on Sunday evening for 30 minutes. Typical format, Harold would Narrate his adventures of fishing on local lakes in the Ozark area. We would see him fishing, esplaining his gear and lures or bait then see him reel in the fish.

My roommate in college came back from a weekend explaining that he had caught a great fish during the weekend and that Ensley was there also but had bad luck so he had come over and bought my friens fish. The next week or so there on TV was Harold Ensley explaining in detail how he had caught ths great fish. My friends fish. Actually saw him pull this fish in out of the lake.
So creating and producing a show takes precedence over being truthful.

The TV show is no more accurate than the ads that support the show. When we see this person complaining about a back ache and that Alleve relieves her pain. Do we actually believe this. Of course not. So why should we believe that in the program "storage wars" that these people are really bidding on these units not knowing what's in them or two guys "stranded" in afrika in a survival situation are really in danger from lion attack. Of course not. The camera crew and production team would discourage any such apconcern.

Pawn stars are not really buying that object the "customer" brings in.

I don't watch the Duck Dynasty but what ever they do is scripted to some degree, without doubt.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time