Anybody here familiar with SketchUp, the 3D CAD app? My gf is a joiner and furniture maker, and wants to get into CAD design on a small budget. We've been trying to use this app, but it seems really ill suited to the task, it seems to me. What she needs is an app that would let her create solid wooden components and then assemble them as they would be in a finished article of furniture, with some snap-to factor in the app to make edges line up.

SketchUp in theory does this, but it's really bloody unintuitive to use, as it's not expecting you to make individual discrete shapes, so much as meld them together to make a complete one, such as a house. So it keeps doing that, and when we try to make separate objects to bring together, it's hell to get them to line up.

I just wondered whether anyone else has experience of other CAD apps that are affordable and more suited to this job?
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