I remember the passion behind electing Obama. I also remember clearly my serious reservations. Sure, I'll go there. I figured he'd get elected ~ not because he was remotely qualified. He wasn't. White liberal guilt . . . whatever. We went there, discussed that.

So, have any of y'all changed your opinion about his abilities? Any second thoughts about your votes?

My answers really do disappoint me. I wanted it to work in spite of my cynicism ~


And No. I would have stayed home rather than vote for McCain or Mitt. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was both times, but I did my duty.

He can't run again, but if he could? I would stay home even with Cruz on the ticket. That's how convinced I am that Obama is total presidential fail. OK, so either of my dogs could lick Cruz's ass and still run this country. I'm safe wink


I always deserve it. Really.