Newer posts on the Apple Support Forums related to many of the same issues as before. And evidently, there's already a 10.9.2 seed just released to developers.

It's beginning to look like the majority of problems are occurring within OS updates, and not so much in factory or clean installs. So I think I'm gonna wait for the .2 release and then wipe the drives on my Mini and MBP and do clean installs of Mavericks on both with fresh installs of all of my apps, CC, MS Office, Extensis, Toast, etc. And I'll probably do some digital soul-searching to see what apps I really don't need anymore. For example, after having all of my print vendors verify that they need a printed disk directory like a hole in the head, I've removed for good.

I've also gotta wonder how important apps like Stuffit Deluxe and Toast are if extreme file compression and disk burning are infrequent, low priority tasks. Jimů?