[Responding to no one in particular.]

My opinion. Free speech is free speech. A$$holes are a$$holes. He can say what he wants as far as I am concerned. People who disagree with his opinions can ignore him and/or not watch the show, which is to say if enough did that the show would be off the air. But it appears there are enough people watching who agree with him that will keep the show on the air.

I have not watched the show or any other reality show. I think that if you introduce a camera into a situation, be it a court room, reality situation or whatever, a lot of what is real becomes people realizing they are "on" and they behave as though "on stage" and know others are watching. It becomes less than reality.

I think I have enough reality in my own situations, family, town, state, United States, etc., that I don't have a need or desire to spend time watching that kind of stuff on tv. I don't object to it being on tv or others watching it, it just doesn't happen to be my cup of coffee. smile

I am sorry lots of people object to people of color, gays, different ethnic groups, Democrats [ smile ] and others, and object loudly using strong, vile language. Don't see we could ever prevent that sort of thing as it has been going on since time began.