Here's a gal who thinks she would like to live as they did in Victorian age , specifically ,1889. Mostly because of the women's fashion. As she thinks it's cool to wear corsets and crotchless pantalettes.

That may be fine but to live as they did in 1889 means some severe changes in life style.

Horses every where. Which means horse crap every where
No air conditioning
Very limited electricity
Heating with wood or coal or heating oil
Cooking with same.
No refrigerator. They did have ice boxes. Which required one to get large blocks of ice to put in an insulated box. One had to get the ice from a ice factory or shag the ice man who made regular routes through the streets
Doing laundry by wash board and hanging it on a line.
Cooking was a day long activity
Limited telephone also
And no plastic products. One forgets how much we rely on plastic.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time