Our local newspaper has a habit of publishing letters to the editor where the writer stakes out a theological position, or interprets some passage in the Bible in some way--and naturally that then brings more letters that disagree with the theology or the interpretation. They're kind of amusing in the same way that the prose style of freshman English writers is amusing. So I sent a letter to the editor about it. Here is is:

I don’t understand why a newspaper would regularly publish letters on knotty points of theology or biblical interpretation. They seem entirely inappropriate. But they’ve moved me to verse—so I guess they can’t be all bad:

There once was a writer from Reading
Who thought that his god was the best;
“Oh no, she’s a phony,”
Said William from Oley:
“I think she is merely a pest.”

My apologies for the slant rhyme.

Reading and Oley are where I live and a suburb of where I live. I don't know if the paper will print this, but if it does, and there are responses, I faithfully promise to post what my neighbors say.

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