But thrilled the heck outta me smile If you already knew this and did not tell me pfffffffft !

On my iPhone and iPad sometimes a mail program would be picked to send a picture, for instance, that I did not really want to use.

In Mail on my iMac I can choose even after I've opened a new email to compose:

So someone showed me how to change it on iPhone and iPad:

First click once on any one that is on the email:

Then click once again:

Then click for the third time:

Somehow in all these preparations I left out a picture of my yahoo acct on the iphone or ipad. Ah well, I had fun and now it is time to go to bed.

No one was killed in the capturing of these screen pictures on my ipad, but I made them a little large and they aren't the best exposure. I'm still using Preview and trying to larn it goot!