I know this is already old news, but, man, it still pisses me off. mad

Yes, he took Palin to task in a very harsh way over her public display of ignorance regarding slavery. But despite the off-she-shelf right wing outrage, he said nothing that one could truly call derogatory — and he issued a sincere apology — directly to her — a day later. Not the canned "…sorry to those who were offended…" pap, but an honest acknowledgement that he was wrong to allow his personal feelings and anger to influence his professional behavior, and that he would be especially diligent to prevent that from happening again.

But the noise from Fox Nation only got louder. Where were the charges of vulgarity when Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut? Where were the gasps of disbelief when Beck said Obama hates white people? I could list endless examples, but why bother?

So Bashir is gone — by his own choice — and once again, a Liberal takes the high road while Conservatives can't stop crapping in their pants. mad