So after much difficulty and interruption of productivity, I restored my Mini to Mt. Lion a week or so ago, but decided to leave Mavericks on my MBP to track updates and performance improvements.

A few times since then, starting up the MBP to copy over a few files via Air Drop or File Sharing has resulted in a network interruption. I've had to power-cycle the modem and router because no amount of fiddling with network settings restarts the connection. So I did the Google, and lo and behold, the Apple Support Forums are rife with similar posts. Mavericks messes especially with dual band routers (unless, of course, it's an AP Extreme).

So in addition to the Sys Prefs freezes, logout/shutdown problems, Mail issues, empty finder windows, etc., now add Networkus Interruptus. mad

I've had it up to my gills with this release. I'm restoring 10.8.5 on the MBP, too.