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NOT directed ant anyone except the WalMarts, KMarts, Sears, etc

Sorry... I'm sick of the commercialization of these holidays... PATH-ETIC !!

Geez-us... in 2015 Black Friday will be on Jan 2nd and run til the day after Thanksgiving !! sick

It's just all commercial BS !! "Oh but we love family values" ! Crap !! in a pigs eye !!

Call me Scrooge ! But I thought it was about fellowship, family and the kinda birth of 1/3 of the Holy Trinity ! whistle Apparently NOT !

Americans have become the most materialistic MoFos on the planet thanks to BS like all these sales !! Can't stop for 1 or 2 F-king days !!! crazy

Apologies for being so cynical, but I'm serious.

Shut up and get outta my way of saving money in the name of Jesus!

Seriously though... this is not impinging on my family time and I may save some money.
I'm not standing in line all night....