Daughter' photos are all in iPhoto. Couple thousand of them. She wants to back them up. She has found the iPhoto Photo folder somehow [she does not have the current version of iPhoto] and wants to just drag the photos from that folder to another hard drive.

This does not feel right. Won't she lose a lot of info connections? A guy is coming to transfer their 1936 Mac Pro stuff to the new Mac Mini Friday. She says he can just bring all those other related documents over then. And, not have to wait on the 2 thou actual pictures she is already switching.

Does not compute in my mind.

I don't have any idea how to back up just the iPhoto application with all associated photos and files. Can I do that?

Can she just drag iPhoto from the Applications folder and everything in total will come over? It will take a long time, I bet. Will it be safe? Will all come? Or do all those other things have to be dragged individually?

In my latest iPhoto application I did a show package and there are lots of related folders, files and information.

She does not want me to go over and help her. I tried to get her to find her Applecare document and call them . She is an independent shiiit. She got that from me and I got it from my mother. smile

I finally got the IT person from Linfield to come help me [he will do it all ] to switch stuff from old Mac to new Mini. He has worked on their Mac before and knows it is an ancient door stop.

Aw gee whiz. Macs are getting too complicated and I am getting tooooo old.


I tawlk too much too, I know. frown