I agree with much, but what politician doesn't BUY his/her place into office.... far too few do not.

Yeah that loss of innocence is way overplayed. I think we lost innocence when we started killing Indians and running them off THEIR land... the Indians had a piss poor immigration policy dealing with all those white illegal aliens !! wink

BUT Kennedy did show one thing, you could be a cad at home-womanizer, and STILL be a great leader. They are 2 separate things that the GOTP still does not recognize today!! Look at Nixon... good father and husband - f-ed up President !! Dirty politician as they come !! Look at W - loyal husband but a f-ed up President !! These 2 issues are totally independent !! Look at Clinton, more like JFK; but a helluva better POTUS than Nixon or W !!! grin