When you see those judical appointment numbers, 81 for many Presidents and 82 for BO alone, it's SO lopsided even an idiot could see it. THAT's what they need to show- over and over... that's why the Nuclear option; but ONLY on appointments, NOT everything !! What's worse is both sides have flipped and the GOP would be doing the same damm thing (but 5 years earlier) if it were their President !! mortor forkers !! mad

One Dem on Ed's show said they'll likely keep the filibuster rule on legislation next Jan (new session rules) BUT will require the filibustering Senators to stand and hold the floor... no more protests and the Senators go home or to a bar ! They have to do it like Jimmy Stewart in Mr Smith !! I think the American voters will agree with that !! The filibuster rules got FAR TOO LAX and sloppy !! The GOP has only themselves to blame but like the shutdown, it's ALWAYS someone else's fault !! sick . . ..motor fokkers !! mad