Feel free to kick this over to the Box, but ~

This being the 50 year mark of Kennedy's assassination, it's everywhere. Living in Texas all my life? Over. It.

I had to mute the remote earlier today because I heard this one way too many times this week ~ " . . marked a loss of innocence for our country . . ."

Right. Let's just skip over slavery, the Civil War, Lincoln's assassination. Forget any flash forward to the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. Don't worry about WWI or 2. Just flipping' blips in our history. Those bodies stacked up again the carnage of Viet Nam . . . the brutality of the Civil Rights Movement . . . Anybody want to talk about Sept. 11?

JFK's death was a loss of innocence to those who still worship a guy who was morally bankrupt and bought his way into the Oval. Thank goodness they're old.

OK. Over, done with, gone.


I always deserve it. Really.