OF COURSE... they're like a 6 yr old spoiled BRAT ! (not hot dog)

I was surprised to hear this AM that >50% of the appointments hung up by filibutering in the Senate have happened under BO (i.e. last 5 years > all previous years combined)!! What I also loathe is the GOP saying - the Dems did it too... but NOT on that level... quantitatively the GOTP has them beat 3 to 1 !! It is NOT the SAME (which they try to sell).

I think we're going to descend into legislative HELL !!
I also hope the American people see that what ever happens, the GOTP "leaders" (read mouthpieces) have EXACTLY the same "line of comment" to the EXACT same words !! - Doesn't this indicate they are being coached and given matching orders... WHF is doing this? Boehner, McConnell, or someone like Fox, Rush, or the Koch Bros. Same nouns, verbs and phrases in between**... isn't THAT kinda scary ?? Like "Heil, somebody"! eek

** well we know from Paul they like plagarism !! laugh