Lawrence O'Donnell had a great segment on tonight that spoke directly to you and Jim. He had a chart showing the percentages of people effected by the ACA. 80% not at all - either on Medicare or employer coverage. A largest portion of the remaining was for those eligible for Medicaid. 4% of the country is like me, individual/family buyers qualified for federal assistance. The last and smallest group was 1.4% individual buyers that did not qualify. I heard that and felt your pain.

I understand your view. I disagree that buying a policy and paying a premium is contributing to a pool. It's not a collected fund held by anyone other than the corporation you bought it from. It's a pool only in the sense that it's a growing subset of insured bodies within the population. The insurance corporations didn't want to conform to the new regulations, but they must if they want to jump on this gravy train. The pool is all their's. That's where all the premium money goes, including the part subsidized by the federal government.

Medicare and the ACA is socialism in spirt and intent, but under the surface it's all corporate capitalist nugget-filling same as always. At least it's a start at something better, for now in Blue states anyway.