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I'm beginning to think self-employed people who make enough to disqualify for assistance are in that portion that will be funding the rest.

How so? You didn't receive federal assistance on your policy but you also getting the mandate tax credit (isn't that around $700?) I don't think any part of your premium is being collected by the federal government . People not buying inurance are getting the mandate and paying into the sytem helping to fund the rest.

First: no, I don't qualify for the tax credit.

Second: It's an insurance pool, which by definition means the premiums of [healthy people/responsible drivers/etc.] pay for the costs of claims made by [less healthy people/less responsible drivers/etc.].

If your premiums go up and you don't qualify for any breaks/discounts/subsidies, you're absolutely paying more to fund the rest of the system. Which in the case of the ACA shouldn't be surprising since *somebody* (which would be the new and existing healthy people in the insurance pool) has to pay for the costs that aren't offset by government assistance ...

Unfortunately, the penalty/tax/whatever for individuals choosing not to participate is meant as more of a stick to get those people to join-up rather than a means of actually covering costs -- there's no way those penalties make-up for people actually paying premiums

My point was that (at least in our little sampling of a whole two people ;-) it's looking like being self-employed and not qualifying for a subsidy is a particularly bad combination if you are hoping for a break on your premiums ...