What bullish¡t. This is sad. Applied on day 1 and of course I couldn't past the first page. Figured I'd give it some time to work the bugs out and finally tried again today, it's still crawling with 'em.

Went online, finished applying. Get to a page that says My Profile, (Identity Verified) but nowhere else to click. I then get an email that I have a message waiting. Clicked on link, logged in, got to a page that says;

James, what would you like to do?

View my current applications
Apply for new coverage (Doesn't apply to me)
2014 Ohio application for Individual & Family Coverage
Status: In progress
ID#: xxxxxxxxxx

If I click on the link, it takes me back to the start of the application process saying;


Your application is incomplete
You haven't finished your application for health coverage. You must complete and submit your application to find out if you're eligible for coverage and to enroll in a plan.


I click continue application and it starts all over again. Most of my fields are already filled in so it's just clicking through, but it does no good.

I finally called them. I am caught in what she called a roller coaster loop, they gave it a cute name, and I should try tomorrow as they are supposedly putting a fix in for it tonight. Don't know if it has something to do with being self-employed or whatever but don't care. 7 weeks after the roll out and it is still broken.

They shouldn't have given the contract for the website to the lowest bidder.

Ask me about my approval rating for Obama at the moment.