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I know my speeds are nowhere near what DLC is getting but it seems mighty fast for me. In fact, I would think DLC's speeds would be hard on the eyes after a while
IMO any download speed over 8Mb/s is fast enough for probably 99% of all users, unless one has a few people around the house streaming HD video all at once, or plays fast paced online games. For gaming it's upload speed and Latency (ping) that are important. Anything over 1Mb/s upload is overkill for most people, the majority of the data is coming in, not going out.

All I$Ps over$ell. I see it all the time with my customers. The ISPs try to make you think that your CNN or Yahoo will load noticeably faster at 30+ as compared to 8. If you can see the difference, lay off the coffee. grin Granted when downloading the huge OS installers from Apple at 8Mb/s it would take about an hour, as compared to about 15 minutes at 50Mb/s, but how often do most people download that big of a file. The server on the other end has to be able put it out that fast too.

Here's what Netflix recommends for example. 5Mb/s is plenty for streaming HD.

I see the comparisons here all the time. It's just bragging rights and not really useful for most, you're just paying out more money for something you're probably hardly ever using. It's like why buy a Porsche if you're just tooling around town. smile

More on it;

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Most ISPs offer slow, and 15 or greater anymore. I have WOW which has 2-15-30-50 download plans and 1-2-3-5 upload. I have the 15/2. Not worth the $20-40 a month extra for 30/3 or 50/5 IMO, and I do a lot of remote control, streaming, and downloading.