Have you heard the two 911 calls?

First, the "girlfriend" is on the phone with 911 while Zimmerman is yelling and smashing things. You can hear it happening. She tells 911 he's busting things up with his shotgun, that he just pointed it right at her face. She's talking while Zimmerman is pushing her out of her own house …. she is at the next door house telling the 911 that he's got on him a shotgun, an AK-15 and two handguns. She tells 911 "he knows how to play this game". The police arrive and the call ends.


Zimmerman calls 911. Calm and cool and tells 911 his girlfriend is going crazy and smashing stuff …. he's just trying to protect his girlfriend because she's pregnant with his baby, he's packing his bags so he can peacefully leave and she won't let him. He's being threatened by her.The 911 says the police are already there, he says he knows. 911 asks why he's calling and he says because he knows people will hear this 911 call and he wants the "truth" to be heard.