Yes, the Maximum Out of Pocket are the annual amounts per your policy, just like deductibles. Maximum out of pocket applies to both individuals and families. For example, my individual out of pocket maximum is $6350. My family of 3 has a maximum out of pocket of $12,500.

I got a letter yesterday that my current policy, previously stated to be cancelled on Jan 1, 2014, would be extended through February. They added 2 months on to the cancellation date due to Obama's actions last week. Too bad suckers, I don't need two stinkin' months laugh

The Bronze plans look like they should be avoided if possible. They all carry a deductible (about $3K-$5k) and that's why the premiums are really low. But if you read the details, copays don't become effective until after the deductible is met. Not so in the Silver and above plans, copays are applied toward your deductible.