The far right (FR) has perpetrated the almost perfect con-game. They attacked the middle class workers with globalization through things like NAFTA and other agreements that made the billionaires on Wall ST sing while selling out most American workers, esp. labor. Then they suckered them into believing it was the Federal Govt., NOT their party (GOP) that did it. Too bad Clinton signed off on the GOP plan, it'd be more clear if he hadn't ! The workers didn't even heed the warnings of a conservative business mogul, Perot ! frown

The FR even suckered them into going to Iraq to save "their oil" in 1990 and back again in 2003 !! "Fool me once...fool me twice" , ain't it specially nice ! sick
The FR have kept the masses mostly ignorant through defunding education and letting its problems fester and go septic while blaming the teachers who have an impossible job. ... kept the sheep divided with gay rights, abortion, prayer, illegals... and other BS !

They have been most successful !! I know several in my own family that have "drunk the Kool-Aid"... not going to try to change their opinions or perspective... I'd have better luck with Michelle Bachmann ! They have NO ability to analytically think, and deduce; they've been trained by Fox to ignore FACTS . . so it'd be a BIG waste of time.

Pretty sad situation !! mad