I traded an hour of woodworking for an HP 15 inch laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium. It didn't have a battery or power cable but I bought a used cable and power supply for $20 from a friend of mine(yes there are cheaper adapters available but he is selling me some memory at a huge savings). I don't think I will worry about the battery since they only run for 2 hours or so. There are a few Windows only programs I need run so it will do fine for what I need. I downloaded Windows Essentials and did a virus scan before I did anything. There were 127 updates available when I got connected to the internet. I installed Firefox and Open Office but haven't tried setting up a printer yet. I will see if it can find my printer on the wireless network and go from there.

Common sense and deodorant are a lot alike. People who need it the most don't use it.