Today, Nov 15, I received notice from Anthem Blue Cross that my policy is cancelled as of Jan 1, 2014. 6 weeks, thanks Blue Cross! It's not a "junk" policy in any regard, and there was no specific reason given for its cancellation other than the possible ACA requirement on pre-existing conditions that seems like all it took. The letter directs me to find a new policy on the Covered CA exchange.

This cancellation letter really is just a motivational letter, I was planning to shop the exchange anyway. But now I've got a looming deadline. Procrastination is a pre-existing condition.

I looked briefly on the Covered CA website to see a wide range of options. The and Covered CA were wicked fast . what's the problem? grin I'll see if it continues this way as I complete the enrollment process.

I just got off the phone with my doctor's office to confirm that they will accept the various PPO's from the exchange . they will. I can keep my doctor he's part of a "365 membership" or conciege service that has an annual fee but has proven to be worth every cent. My wife can keep her doctor too.

So, this weekend my wife and I will shop on the CA Covered exchange and compare avaliable policies for the two of us and our 19-year old daughter. California seems to be a leader nationally in competent ACA implementation, so hopefully there will be a positive experience and maybe even a better policy to be found.

I will follow up here in the next several days to discuss what I find.