It's turning into a f'n circus because normally intelligent people suddenly demand instant gratification. Who in their right minds doesn't get that it's human nature to wait 'til the last minute. We saw enrollment barely move the needle in MA when that law went live, and then spike just before the deadline.

And now, too many congressional Dems are getting jelly-kneed over the policy cancellations and abandoning logic, history, and consistency all at once!

Yes, the website fukkup is inexcusable — but is getting fixed. Yes Obama oversimplified the "keep what you like" pitch and the Secretary of 'Splainin' Stuff just stuck his foot in Obama's mouth, thankyouverymuch. And no, the Admin did not expect so many states to refuse to set up their own exchanges.

But Jumpin' Jebus, peeps! It's only been a month and a half since this aircraft carrier-sized program has left the dock. Give it a little time to get the bilge pumps working and the nav systems keyed in. Reform on this scale is neither perfect nor nimble overnight.

I would like to say, A year from now, when the program is humming along and everyone is feeling the joy… But if nervous Dems and mercenary Repugnicans don't get a hold of their shorts, this thing is gonna implode and we'll all be screwed again. mad