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I spoke too soon. Neither the monitor sleep nor the system sleep work from the Energy Saver CP. It's not so bad with the laptops since I just close them and that's good enough. But with the desktop I've had to put the computer to sleep physically. Oh, and the screen saver also won't come on automatically from the Screen Saver CP. I've got to go to the hot corner to start that up. It all worked fine before 10.9, naturally.

Oh, and while I'm kevetching, I've noticed that after the last Mail.app update Mail chokes when I select several emails to delete at the same time. The spinning wheel starts up, and although eventually it clears up, it seems to take forever.
Get Onyx. I don't care what Giz says BTW, Repairing Permissions is not just a placebo. I have used it to fix things for some customers.


I would checkmark everything under the Automation tab. Rebuilding the Mail mailbox indexes may cure the Mail problem.

It will take a while to run everything, but I believe that your laptop has the SSD so it won't be too bad.