There was a time when I taught math when I taught a class where the students did all their work in class. No home work. That would mean that they wouldn't finish at the same time and need something else to keep their little devious minds busy. So I would have a page or two of mind puzzles.

One that I often used was a little computer program that generated "word finds" among a random matrix of letters. I would creat my own list . Usually math terms or terms related to our school. The words might be found vertical, backward or diagonal along with horizontal. You know the type. The students would circle the word and check it off the list.

One day, after a project I handed out one that I had prepared just before class . While the kids were working on it, I heard the increasing chortle, and snicker and some kids were saying, " Did you find it"

After a bit I figured I better see what was up.

In the "random" matrix printed horizontally frontward were the letters "F" "U" "C" "K" .

Of course many of the kids had circled it . Even though it certainly wasn't given as a word to find.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time