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TYPHOON: Forms: α. 15 touffon, 16 tuffon, tuffone, tuffin, tufon, tufaon, tufan, 17 typhawn, 18 tuphan, toofan, touffan, tūfān. β. 16–18 tuffoon, 17–18 tiffoon. γ. 17 tay-fun, 18 ty-foong, tifoon, tyfoon, typhoon.(Show Less)
Etymology: Two different Oriental words are included here: (1) the α-forms (like Portuguese tufão , †tufõe ) are < Urdu (Persian and Arabic) ṭūfān a violent storm of wind and rain, a tempest, hurricane, tornado, commonly referred to Arabic ṭāfa , to turn round (nouns of action ṭauf , ṭawafān ), but possibly an adoption of Greek τῡϕῶν typhon n.2; (2) the β- and γ- forms represent Chinese tai fung , common dialect forms (as in Cantonese) of ta big, and fêng wind (hence also German teifun ). The spelling of the β-forms has apparently been influenced by that of the earlier-known Indian word, while that now current is due to association with TYPHON.

CYCLONE: Etymology: < Greek κύκλος circle (or κυκλῶν moving in a circle, whirling round >

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