A Medicare Advantage plan takes the place of a Medicare A+ Medicare B with a supplemental plan like Blue Cross/ Blue Shield or Humana or someone else. SO why have all this ?
well Medicare A pays Hospital and
Medicare B pays Drs visits, clinics, etc, BUT you're still stuck with 20% of the out patient costs. SO many on Medicare keep a supplemental plan to pay the other 20% -like Blue Cross/ Blue Shield or Humana...so they have very little out of pocket expenses. On a fixed Sr income even 20% can be tough !

Medicare Advantage is like having the above but without the 3rd company. The Advantage is similar to your other coverage. Now you won't have 20% out of pocket expenses, but it doesn't cover 100% of your costs either, but it's cheaper than a 3rd policy. They try to give Srs as many options as possible.
Make sense?

I say Medicare for all and screw the private providers ! grin