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frown IF I'd had the smarts to have been
routinely examined every few years.........

Ah... thinking about it...
I HAD HAD The Smarts sooner than later...
...I'd indeed gone through the dreaded "prep"
and even the scoping... I remember now..
..because I remember asking the doctor & his
assistant if they could please turn the display
so that I too could see what they were seeing smile

The doctor said, "Sure... why not?" smile

Here's where it went all pear-shaped...

I was told to return a week later to get the report..
...but during that time, MY INSURANCE WAS DROPPED
and being disabled, I couldn't afford any other
coverage... For The NEXT 8 YEARS!
But they Refused to give me the results of the test!

Fast-Forward to 2 1/2 years ago ...
...and the above post... when I made a conscious
CHOICE to go for a retest, and by that time, what
was probably an "Insignificant BUMP" years before
had developed into what was described as a,
"Massive, Attached, Bleeding Adenoma"

Again... had I NOT elected to get MYSELF Re-Tested
everything I've been through over the last almost
3 years could have been even worse...

Yeah.... Get checked out
beats the hell outta' the alternative!

Hope Beyond Hope --- The ACA will allow poor
people to get preventative testing... WITHOUT
DicHead Ins. Co. INc. pulling the plug on them! mad