It also helps to
Know Your Family Health History

My mom was the 1st in her family
going back generations THAT DIDN'T DIE
Of Colorectal Cancer...because I forced her
to go get tested at the first sign of trouble.

She went through the same thing as MrB
but we had her with us for another 20 YEARS!

Armed with that knowledge, I underwent the
same procedure, and was luckier still... since I'd
elected to get checked out BEFORE any signs of
any problems.... but was still too late to escape
unscathed. frown IF I'd had the smarts to have been
routinely examined every few years.........

'Nother Old Southern Saying:
"IF a BullFrog had Wings he
wouldn't bUmP his butt so much." wink

Yeah.... Get checked out
beats the hell outta' the alternative!