AHA! That proves I'm much younger than you think! grin

I'm pretty sure I'm past the 14-day window, so my account should have been totally deleted by now. Twitter, too. And I don't miss either one at all. I'm even considering dropping Google. I never use Google + or gmail, and I'm beginning to believe that for the scope and purpose of my business website, Google Analytics does nothing for me.

I don't have or require an online business model, nor does my site have the kind of interactivity that would deliver any meaningful intel through the analytics. Other than seeing when I get a couple of hits from, say, Bangalore (which is a heads-up for imminent SPAM), it's just a block of extra code. Meh...

Ok, so I take back what I said at the top of this post. I'm clearly old enough to kick them dang kids off my lawn! laugh