If you are of middle age or so. Get checked for colorectal cancer


Talk with your doctor. The colonoscopy is nothing. ( the prep is not much fun) but It can save your life. And havin cancer is no fun at all. Trust me.

They took out twelve inches of my colon along wit some of my rectum. Evidently this is the part that indicates to normal folks that they will need to schedule a bathroom break sometime. For me, I don't get this indication that allows me to do this scheduling . One minute I'm feeling fine and literally in 30 seconds I have to get to a restroom. Not fun living ones daily life around close proximity of a restroom. Going to a sporting event is iffy. Even a mall.

Every place I go, I have to consider what I might have to do.

But, I'm alive. And I'm grateful . After they found cancer in my liver the doctor gave me 33% chance of making it.

So get that checkup. Get it soon.
If you smoke. Stop.

Of course I've never smoked but still got cancer. Although a lot of folks probably I still blow smoke out my arse.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time