Well, where Adobe is concerned, if you want information, ya gotta find it yourself. After a deeper search, I discovered that Adobe CC sync is chocking on an Extensis & Mac sandwich. Apparently, there's a conflict btwn Suitcase's font core and CC sync that causes Suitcase to deactivate synced TypeKit fonts, which is why the CC app displays those fonts as synced, but they don't appear in the font menus of my apps.

One suggested workaround is to disable the font core in Suitcase, but I've found just stopping and restarting the sync works for now. Bottom line, Extensis has said they're working with Apple on the 10.9 compatibility issue, and Adobe says they're working with Extensis regarding the sync problem.

In other words, we're watching a sweaty three-way hump while trying to get work done. mad I think I'm gonna pull my Beinfang layout pads and AdMarkers out of mothballs. smirk