So, Dayton being pretty conservative — quite Pee Tarty friendly, in fact — today's Dayton Daily News has a lengthy article about policy cancellation notices some people have received. This pathetic rag requires a paid subscription, so I won't bother posting a link. But below is the comment I posted this morning, and a later comment by another reader: sick
I would ask these folks who's policies are being cancelled to review their annual deductibles and caps. Whether or not preventive care is free. What the amount of their copays are — on care and especially prescriptions. I would ask if their current policy doesn't cover things like maternity (whether you're of child-bearing age or not) what else isn't covered that has to come out of their own pocket?

I would also submit that if your income is such that another $70/month is a hardship, you likely will qualify for a subsidy that will render your ACA plan premium the same or less than what you have now.

For those who say their employers are canceling their group coverage, if you are among 50 or fewer fellow employees, nothing — I repeat — nothing changes. If the company you work for has more than 50 employees and they are cutting your hours to dodge the law's requirement, that's on your boss — not the Gov't. Any intelligent and forward-thinking business owner knows that a healthier workforce means greater productivity, which means increased profitability, less turnover, and a more competitive business model.

Time to stop believing the right wing fear tactics and the Fox disinformation machine. Read up. Ask questions. Get INFORMED. You might just discover that you're going to be better off. What concept!

America is turning socialist and without much more than a whimper! We are seeing the end of America as we knew it! SAD.

Responding to screed like that would be the same as picking up dog poop barehanded. Uhg...