Well I missed Halloween by thismuch with this announcement, but I would like to let you know that my graphic novel "Sister Mary Dracula" is now available on Amazon.

Terry Malloy is a nine year old student at St. Egregius the Stricter Elementary, and he's convinced his teacher is a fire-breathing vampire who wants to drink his blood. Even his best friends Steven and Kenny think he's totally lost his mind. Terry decides that he and he alone must reveal to the world this Heart of Darkness, or at least a cool scale model of it!

"Sister Mary Dracula" originated as a Flash animation in 2001 and quickly became an internet sensation. It had its world premiere at the San Diego Comic Con Independent Film Festival in 2004. Based on that exposure, I expanded the story into a 108-page comic adventure.

You can read several sample pages, and even watch the original Flash animation, at http://www.sistermarydracula.com .

Thank you all!
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