when I heard about the LAX shooter... semi-automatic rifle... that's bad enough... another case where the firepower is way over what ordinary citizens need... but that's ANOTHER debate.

BUT then I heard he appears to attack TSA employees because he's very anti-government. (literature found on him). IF that's confirmed by evidence they find in his apartment / flat... do all the right wing anti-government haters bear some responsibility for antagonizing these kooks ! ....especially when they talk of exercising 2nd amendment rights. I mean there are laws against citing riots and talk of sedition... the anti-government rhetoric has gotten so heated on the right and with many conservatives, that they border or cross those lines...

I DO NOT know what can be done about it or to individuals, but I believe they should watch their hate speech and/ or qualify it... but most don't !

Does anyone else feel this is contributing to the senseless violence?

And what's even more hypocritical is that when Bush was President you were "with us or against us" and do the Patriotic thing (even if you disagree)... but now BO is President... hating the government and being anti-government is a good thing to them ! WHAT BS !! mad
David (OFI)