Anyone being dumb enough to have purchased a pair of
BOSE EarBuds in the past probably had a similar
experience/problem/issue of Keeping Them In Your Ears.

Anyway..I did and did.

When I originally bought my First iPod 5th Gen Video
I asked for a really GOOD pair of Bose Earbuds for
X-Mas and got them... THE SOUND WAS AMAZING! if you
could ever manage to keep them in your ears even when
sitting stationary and not moving your head (AT ALL!)

So without saying anything... I carefully wrapped them
back around the spool of the original leatherette case
and left them in my media drawer for what..? 7-8 YEARS?

One day while cruising AMAZON, I saw Bose EarBud TIPS,

and the FEEDBACK was Most Promising... comments like;
"FINALLY!!! cry They FINALLY Stay In my EARS!!!"


I ordered 3 sets on the spot!
I'd FINALLY Get To Enjoy My $99.00 EarBuds!

They arrived, I put them on... PERFECT! They sounded
GREAT! And I could FINALLY Keep them in and actually
WALK AROUND listening to my iPod as God had intended!

HERE'S Where Things Went All Pear-Shaped... frown

I soon noticed that the WIRES felt rough in spots...
then noticed MORE Rough areas... wtf?

Under magnification, I saw that the wires were CRACKING
to the extent that Bare Wires were beginning to show!

I soon realized that the cause was that Even Though
I'd Never Worn Them Even For A Single DAY, the wires
had become BRITTLE and would soon break beyond fixing
even though by this time, I'd only worn them ONCE! frown

I got on the horn to BOSE, was transferred to their IT
Dept... and after explaining the situation, was told
that IT WAS MY FAULT... for Storing them in their Case
"for so long" shocked wtf?

I was cheerfully informed Of Their REPLACEMENT POLICY!

"wrap them carefully, send them back, remember to include
My Return Address..." smile "...and a check for $80.00."

shocked frown cry mad (in that order)

All that to tell you
WHY I'm sitting here @ MIDNIGHT Coating my Brand New
8 Year Old set of $99 Bose EarBud Wires with

That Is All. ((4 NOW))