Hello Old Friends!

I thought that I would check in because aside from lurking a little bit in the political forum, I haven't been an active participant for a while and definitely haven't talked at all about myself for a long long time. That feels kind of unfair to me because I am also happy to see so many people still kicking it around in this funny little community.

I guess the short version is that I got married to another high school English teacher in 2011 and we are expecting a baby in 2014. I'm still teaching, but after seven years in Chicago Public Schools, I am now in my second year in the suburbs. I went and got a masters degree and state certification in educational technology and I try to stay active in that community in Illinois. I'm still a pretty political guy, but almost all of the energy I have is dedicated to educational policy and our awful mayor, so I don't get around to the soapbox much.

Aside from that, I miss a bunch of you and I hope everything is awesome!
-- Cee Bee Double-U