Well it came out in the Congressional Hearing today, many of the cancelled policies were:
1. Done by the Insurance companies.

2. Were on "junk insurance" (poor or little coverage) policies.

3. The policy owners do NOT have to accept a roll over policy from the insurance company (like many were told by the insurers sick) and can go shopping just like you do for CAR insurance !!

4. ONLY policies active before the bill was signed AND have not been terminated will be "grandfathered"...so if you got a new policy AFTER the Law went into effect it has to meet the ACA minimum standards (consumer protection).
DUH !! mad Most of this BS is either smoke & mirrors or alarmist rhetoric by the GOTP !! mad

NOW maybe BO should have made #4 more clear... but many shop around for health insurance each year... so any new policy has to meet the ACA minimum guides.

As time goes on, I think it'll get even cheaper for all... 25% of companies in the ACA insurance pools are NEW companies !