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Yep Warren would be good ! grin

I think Hillary could mentor her up to speed during the campaign !

Whatever they do
they'd better get "on-it"
in time to beat **Gov. wink wink Chris Christie

The bastid's doing EXACTLY what I predicted 2 years ago! mad

I realized when all the programs came to a screeching halt
and not a pot-hole got filled in 3 YEARS...
that the S.O.B. would run on his RECORD of
"Balancing the Budget, & Never Raising Taxes"

knowing full well that people who'd never realize
The TRUE COST Of Austerity would think, "It's A GOOD Thing!"

**and anyone not seeing how running for a 2nd term as Governor
isn't a calculated short step to The Presidency needs to open their
eyes and Google 'how many Governors have become PotUS'?