John R. - Yes, good for jokes, not so good for the rate of alcoholism, which has been quoted to me at about 5% of the population. Not sure of the accuracy of that.

Kate - The best synopsis of Yoopers I've seen - and largely true. BTW, the "bridge" is the Mackinac Bridge.

MrB - Haha!

Pirate - Da Yoopers have had some great songs - you picked my favorite, but I also like Smelting U.S.A.. I also like their store in West Ishpeming, "Da Yoopers Tourist Trap,"

DLC - I think I understand, but some of us prefer it cold.

drjohn - I use that picture as a desktop! Also, I don't expect to ever go to deer camp because that song is pretty accurate.
"Seek for the merit in others, even the tiniest shred. Then do the same in yourself"
-Reb Nachman