Back in the early 80's I had a nice apartment in a newly renovated brownstone in Boston's South End neighborhood. The area, which borders Roxbury had been undergoing re-gentrification. But Roxbury was, at that time, largely a ghetto and not the safest area in the city. One afternoon I watched from my window as two dudes openly boosted a cabbie who was parked at the curb waiting for a fair. I called the BPD, but everyone including the cabbie was long gone well before the law showed up.

A week later, I had gone to the corner bodega for a could of things just before dinner, and as I was about to climb my stoop, the same two dudes did to me what I had seen them do to that cabbie! eek I didn't put up a fight. I let them take my wallet and the neck chain that held my chai, and they took off.

Roxbury has since undergone much redevelopment happily without becoming a new white enclave and the South End is far from iffy now. But y'know, feces occurs everywhere.