Back in mid 90's I had a young man enroll in my math class there in Dodge. He was a quiet young man. Polite. Didn't create problems in class and did his work. He was a late enrollee, coming in three or so weeks late.

Then for a week he was absent. Then his name was prominent in our paper. He wanted to join a local gang and to do so required his killing a white boy that was giving them grief . Well, he found the boy among a group of teens hanging out at the local parking lot( BootHill parking lot, actually). He shot at the boy and did wound him slightly but that was after he killed an other young man.

The boy killed was from a very well respected family. They jumped on the gang situation with ferver. It was through their efforts and diligence that town became very gang aware.

Sad. I knew all three young men

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time