I have a good friend at the CDC that works in IT.

I got some info about the current healthcare.gov cyber mess.

It appears that when he came on board CDC the head of ITSO at CDC was a man named Loontz (spelling might be incorrect). He was ITSO director for many years, and left to take a head job at HHS as their IT director... He was there for about 7 years before leaving and taking an executive position with CGI-Federal. CGI-Federal was under the umbrella of CGI-International which had been contracted to set up the Canadian healthcare computer system. CGI-International did a poor job and was fired. CGI-Federal somehow got a no-bid award to set up our healthcare.gov. I'm sure Loontz had something to do with it since he had numerous contacts at his old job at HHS. Maybe they thought he'd manage differently. BUT it does make one shake their heads and wonder if CGI-International loused up the Canadian rollout, WTF was CGI-Federal hired to do ours ?? NOT saying it's BO's fault - contract awarding is done at the AGENCY level, but something doesn't smell right !! sick

David (OFI)