Well Steve sometimes it's hard for me to grasp are they dumbfully spouting BS or have they drank the cool-aid and are following the GOTP buzz lines and just parroting everything (willfully lying). She impresses me as the latter. Sarah is the former. But WTF knows.... as far as that goes WTF cares... still destructive lies !

I think the GOTP has put themselves in the corner again (same as with shutdown demands)... they can't back away and when ACA becomes very popular - they'll really regret it... they're in desperate throws now. They KNOW the web glitches will pass soon and then WTF do they do ?? except to try to pass stupid bills that even if the Senate passed (which they won't), BO would veto and they don't have a 2/3rd majority to overcome.... masterbation legislation !! blush

The new GOTP - the Masterbation Party- we just sit around jerkin off !