just a tip if you don't have the app Downloads Manager HD (it may have a slightly different name now. the icon is green with a big arrow on it). here:
Downloads Downloader & Download Manager for iPhone, iPad ...
(link isn't complete, so won't work, but that's the app.)

anyways, this will download files, unzip, and play/read.
killer app.

i have the paid one. i believe there is a Lite version (free).

for example: i'll buy some tutorial music stuff from, say, Truefire.com.
their stuff is supposed to only work on a computer with their proprietary player (but we all know--because we're mac users ;-) --that there's the playable files in there if we could just get to them.)

or, you could use it to download a converted youtube file (to mp3)...it has safari like browser as well.

here's a tip if you do need it and haven't tried it: often the download menu pops open before you actually want it...i guess there's a file it could get but not be the right file...so just keep browsing until you get to your actual file's download link, then use that download menu item (clicking your link should activate the menu item).

i bought an unzip app before i realzed this will unzip, too (just click the .zip).


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